What's Up at Woodstation Elementary
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Wednesday, May 10, 2017
Generation iY
Generation iY
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What’s Up at Woodstation

Woodstation's Mission and PBIS Statement:

Woodstation Elementary develops life-long leaders who are Respectful, Responsible, Resourceful, Motivated and Prepared!

Vision Statement:

Woodstation Elementary will prepare every child to reach their full potential, so they graduate prepared to be good citizens and leaders of the future.

****Every child, every day, without exception****

*Doors Open at 7:00 a.m. every school day



Only more week left to inspire, challenge, prepare, and empower students for success in Elementary.


We have started the front door buzzer system.  Keeping your child safe is a priority at Woodstation Elementary.  All exterior doors at Woodstation Elementary are locked when students are in attendance. For any visitor to gain access to the building, the buzzer system located at the front door of the school must be used. 

v  Office staff will greet visitors through the intercom system and will ask the visitor to provide information regarding his/her visit. At this time, all unknown visitors will be asked to provide a government issued photo I.D. Office staff will determine if entry to the school will be granted. 

v  Once inside the building, please proceed to the office to sign in on our Guest and Visitor Computer. 

v  Visitors will be required to wear a visitor badge provided by the office during their visit.  We understand that it will take a moment at the door while our staff verifies your identity; however, we are sure you agree that it is worth the time to know that only authorized individuals are walking the halls of our school. Thank you for your cooperation as we make this transition to improve safety and security for our children and staff.  Sorry for any inconvenience but keeping your children as safe as possible is a priority.



Great day to be a Woodstation General!

Tuesday –  

STEAM during Starcare ASP - Graders 3:00 to 4:30 p.m.

Great Day to be a Woodstation General!


Wednesday Folders go home

Great Day to be a Woodstation General!


Great Day to be a Woodstation General!


Spirit Day at Woodstation

Great Day to be a Woodstation General!


Coach P's Fit Tips:

FIT tip is not just about physical. It is about mental too...it is about living it, and not just working it. Enjoy every moment and live to be happy! ❤️


Duty Roster for week: Teachers who have duty please report ready at 7:15 a.m.


Main Hallway- 


Media Center -


Woodstation Events Coming Up Next Week:

We wish everyone and safe, happy, and long restful summer!  Read, Read, and Read!




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