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From the Desk of Mrs. Girod

Welcome to fourth grade. I am very excited to begin this adventure with you and your child. The new school year is always very exciting. As we begin this adventure, I wanted to share a little about myself. I am beginning my 15th year of teaching in Catoosa County. I grew up in Northern Louisiana. I received my bachelor’s degree from Louisiana Tech University in Education. I also have a master’s degree from the University of West Georgia in Middle Grades Education. I am married and have three daughters: Lexie, 26, is a vascular tech, Haley, 24, is a project manager for a freight business and Mallory, 15, is a sophomore at Heritage High School. It is a pleasure to have your child in my classroom and to be a part of their educational experience this year.

Fourth grade is very exciting, and we must work together as a team for your child to have a successful school year. Our focus this year is to meet your child’s individual needs as well as the state and national standards in reading, mathematics, social studies and science. The remainder of the fourth grade team is Mr. Crosby and Mrs. Vayghn. Mr. Crosby will be teaching reading and science, Mrs. Vaughn will be teaching ELA and social studies, and I will be teaching math. Please feel free to contact me at any time with questions or concerns. Below are several procedural items that will allow our classroom to run efficiently.

Attendance: As you know, daily school attendance is very important. Please remember that you have to send a written note or Dr.’s note when your child is absent. This is mandatory.

Agenda: It is essential that your child purchase an agenda. If this is a problem, please let me know. Please look for your child’s agenda daily. The agenda will contain your child’s homework, and any other important information from the school.

Money: Please remember to place any money in a baggy or envelope. Please write your child’s name, my name, and what the money is for on the outside of the envelope or baggy.

Snacks: Students will be allowed to eat a nutritious snack mid-morning. The snack may be carrot sticks, granola bars, fruit, peanut crackers, etc. Please no cookies, Little Debbie snack cakes, or candy.

Water Bottles: Since we do not have water fountains inside our classrooms, I encourage students to bring a water bottle from home. Please make certain that the bottle is leak-proof.

I hope that everyone will have time to help in our classroom. We need parent volunteers in the classroom on a daily/weekly basis. Please feel free to set up a time to come in and work. Also, if you would like to be a room parent or if you would be willing to bring food for our celebrations, please fill out the volunteer form.

I am glad to have your child in my classroom this year. Please feel free to contact me at school or by email with any questions or concerns. I look forward partnering with you in your child’s success this year!