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Class Newsletter 

Carter's Corner

  • Welcome to my newsletter! My goal is to use this to keep you informed of things going on in our classroom.

Important dates in February/March:

  • Week of February 28th Dr. Seuss Week-If you would like to come and read to the class please send me a note in your child's aganda.


Meeting the Common Core Standards

  • Reader's workshop is going well and is in full swing! The students are reading independently for 25 minutes. everyday. They are learning to stick with a book and read it to the very end. At this time they can choose a library book, a book from their bag of books or a book from the classroom library. We call it DEAR time (Drop Everything and Read)!

  • Each week students need to earn 1 AR point. Independent reading during Reader's workshop is a great time to read those library books to prepare for a test. We will go to computer lab one day a week (Wednesday) to take our AR test.

  • The standards we are covering in reading are context clues and answering the 5 W questions (WHo?, Where?, When?, Why? WHat?) about stories we have read. You can help at home by asking your student these questions after they read a book to you too!

  • In Math we are working on Numbers Base Ten. Your student should be able to express a number in these ways: standard form (735), expanded form (700+30+5=735) and word form (seven hundred thirty-five). Also students need to be able to do ten less, ten more and one hundred less, one hundred more in a 3-digit number.
  • Also in Math students are taking weekly fact fluency test. Your student must benchmark the test with a score of 20, three times before they are moved to the next set of facts. Nightly fact practice is important. :)