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Woodstation Elementary School

3404 Colbert Hollow Road

Rock Spring, GA 30739

706 - 935 - 6700 voice

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                                        Ernie Ellis                                       Principal

                                        Amy W. Still                                  Asst. Principal


Jayne Black & Justin Crosby

Star Care Co-Directors




Woodstation Elementary's After School Program is a voluntary, self-sustaining program that provides care for students during after school hours.  The safe and caring environment is intended to meet the needs of students who would otherwise be home alone after school.  Our Star Care program is also intended to be a safe and convenient, place for students to do homework, study and interact with other students until their parents' work day is complete.




To enroll in the Star Care Program, you must complete a registration form and return it to the school with a $5.00 non-refundable registration fee.  Each child must be enrolled before attending the Star Care Program.  Please keep in mind that Woodstation Elementary School asks that you register your child for Star Care if he/she is participating in any after school clubs or activities OR if your child is a car rider.  Please remember that NO transportation changes may be made over the phone.  Each change MUST be in writing.


Please include all requested information in the enrollment form.  Periodically it is necessary to change information on your student's information sheet.  It is possible to do this by sending in a signed note to your child's teacher with the applicable changes.  Once the enrollment procedure is complete, a child may attend Star Care as follows:

FULL TIME: Child attends Monday through Friday of each week.  Send a one-time note to your child's teacher instructing him/her to send the child to Star Care every day.

PART TIME: Child attends Star Care on designated days.  Send a one-time note to your child's teacher instructing him/her which days your child will be in after school and how he/she will be going home on the other days.  Each child's safety is our top priority!

DROP-IN:  Child attends on an irregular basis as needed by parents.  Send a note to your child's teacher on days you wish him/her to go to Star Care.  ALL DROP-IN'S MUST BE PAID AT PICK UP.



YEARLY ENROLLMENT FEE - $5 per child  (non-refundable)

The cost of the program is $3.50 per hour.  The second child, and each child thereafter, in the family will be $1.75 per hour.  There will be a minimum 1 hour charge per day per child.  After the first hour the charges will accrue per half hour.  Snack is provided daily to students at no extra charge.


                                                                 FULL PRICE                                                     ADDITIONAL SIBLING(S)

2:45 - 4:00                              1 hour              $3.50                                                   $1.75

4:01 - 4:30                              1.5 hours         $5.25                                                   $2.63

4:31 - 5:00                              2 hours            $7.00                                                   $3.51

5:01 - 5:30                              2.5 hours         $8.75                                                   $4.39

5:31 - 6:00                              3 hours            $10.50                                                 $5.27

6:01 - ???                                 $2.00 PER MINUTE for EACH child


There is a late charge of $2.00 per MINUTE per CHILD after 6:00PM.  PAYMENT FOR A LATE PICK UP IS DUE WHEN YOU PICK UP YOUR CHILD.


Parents should note that fees may increase after December of the school year, if and only if actual program expenses increase.  For any questions concerning billing, please contact Trish Grant at the school at (706)-935-6700.


  • Weekly invoices cover Monday through Friday of the previous week.
  • Statements will be given out each Monday
  • Payments are due in full no later than WEDNESDAY of each week.
  • Please note that failure to pay any fees will result in termination of participation of the program.  Any accounts that have a past due balance will be put on hold and the student will be withdrawn.




During 2010, Catoosa County Board of Education began using an automated check recovery system, ChecXchange, to manage the receipt of non-sufficient fund checks.  Using ChecXchange is an effort by the school District to be fiscally accountable in a more efficient and cost effective manner.  ChecXchange utilizes the federal and state laws allowing the electronic recovery process of NSF checks which results in a high rate of recovery at no cost to the school district. The cost becomes the responsibility of those who wrote the non-sufficient fund checks with the electronic recovery of the state fee from the bad check writer's bank account.

Catoosa County Board of Education will gladly accept checks.  We ask that you include your full name, street address and phone number on each check.  When a check is used as payment, the check writer authorizes us either to use the information from the check to make a one-time electronic fund transfer from the check writer's account or to process the payment as a check transaction.  The check writer authorizes us to collect a fee through an electronic fund transfer from the check writer's account if the payment is returned unpaid.  The current fee rate is $30 per returned item.





Woodstation's STAR CARE After School Program is designed for the purpose of providing educational opportunities for students as an extension of the regular school day.  This program is open to all school- aged students enrolled in Woodstation Elementary.  Children will be involved in activities such as homework time, organized playtime, art instruction, reading time and an opportunity to play physical and/or quiet games.  Students will be under the supervision of Woodstation Elementary teachers and paraprofessionals / staff.  A snack will be provided for the students each day. 



Star Care operates from 2:45 p.m. until 6:00 p.m. each day that school is in session.  Students attending the program will go directly to the designated Star Care Room.  Students will be "checked in" on the roster as soon as they arrive.  Once students have checked in to the Star Care Program, they are under the supervision of the Star Care Staff.  Once a child has been checked in to the program and had snack, they are counted present and will be charged the 1 hour minimum stay for that day.             ***The Star Care After School Program will NOT be available during holidays, including in-service days or days that school will be closed due to inclement weather.






For the safety of all students and property, students are expected to comply with all school rules while participating in the Star Care After School Program.  Inappropriate behavior or failure to obey the teacher or staff member on duty will result in suspension from the program.  Our discipline procedure will be in the following format:

  • 1) Warning: A student will receive a warning for their first action contrary to school rules.
  • 2) Discipline Referral: A second offense will result in a discipline referral, which will be sent home and signed by the parent.
  • 3) Three-Day Suspension: A third offense will result in another discipline referral being sent home and the child will be suspended from the Star Care Program for a three-day period.
  • 4) Five-Day Suspension: A fourth offense will result in another discipline referral being sent home and the child will be suspended from the Star Care Program for a 5 day period.
  • 5) One - Year Suspension: A fifth offense will result in a one-year suspension from the Star Care Program for the remainder of school year.

***Repeated inappropriate behavior or failure to obey the teachers on duty can result in suspension from the program at the discretion of the administrators of the program / school


Any questions about the program should be directed to Mrs. Black or Mr. Crosby at 706-935-6700

  • Our school administrators are Mr. Ernie Ellis and Mrs. Amy W. Still.

Please be assured that each child attending this program will be engaging in activities that encourage creativity in a safe and caring environment.  We look forward to providing opportunities for your child to grow and learn.


Woodstation Elementary School

After School - Star Care Staff

706 - 935 - 6700