PTO Family Karaoke and Lip Sync Night on February 3
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Saturday, January 14, 2017
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Fun for the whole family
Teachers and school staff,
As you all have heard by now, PTO will be doing a Family Karaoke and Lip Sync Night on February 3.  We wanted to bring a little fun into it by allowing everyone to choose the theme for the night; however, we need your help.  
The two eras that were chosen are 1950's and 1970's and as you know quite a few of us were not around during those times.  That includes our children.  Mr.  Ellis has begun introducing them to some of the music of the times by playing it as they walk through the doors in the morning.  There will also be more starting Tuesday of next week.  This is where your help comes in.  We are asking that each grade dress up on Friday, the 20th,  as a person from the eras given to your grades. Friday will also be voting day.  Please join us in having a little fun with this!
Here are the era's given to your grade levels.  If you do not have a specific grade level then please feel free to join in with someone on your hallway, i.e. Mrs. Elleman and Mrs. Hawkins you may choose to dress the same as Pre-K.  Office and any others please feel free to mix it up.
Pre-k              1950's
Kindergarten     1970's
1st grade     1950's
2nd grade     1970's
3rd grade     1950's
4th grade     1970's
5th grade      1950's
We also would like as many that would to join in on fun during that night.  If you would like to group up with some and do karoake or even do a lip sync battle, let me know!
As always, thank you all for supporting our PTO endeavors!
Coreena Smith
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